Homes for Heroes Program now available in Memphis, TN with Suzanne White

Homes for Heroes
, is a nationally recognized Real Estate savings organization that has partnered with Suzanne White. When a hero buys or sells a home wHomes for Heroes Partners with Suzanne Whiteith Suzanne White, a real estate agent who services Germantown and the greater Memphis area, they will receive a Welcome Home check after closing.  This a great way to say “Thank you” and give back to our local heroes.  Suzanne is the first real estate in the greater Memphis area to partner with Homes for Heroes. 

After the events of September 11, 2001, a group of Minnesota business owners created this network, now the nation’s largest hero savings program. The Homes for Heroes program helps to make buying or selling a home for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and healthcare professionals more affordable. Suzanne White is a real estate agent who works with buyers and sellers in Germantown, TN and the greater Memphis area.  If a qualified hero buys or sells with Suzanne White they will receive a Welcome Home Check given back to them after closing. Many heroes need to sell first in order to buy, and Suzanne White will honor the program on each side, giving them double the savings!   This is an incredible way to say Thank You for giving so selflessly of yourselves. The program has already saved heroes more than $3,000,000 when buying, selling, or refinancing their homes.

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How to get top dollar when selling your Germantown home

Suzanne White, Keller Williams Realty 901-730-6314, offers tips to sell your Germantown home for top dollar.
When selling a home in Germantown, one of the most stressful steps of selling a home is the buyer’s home inspection.  The buyer has a right to have a home inspection before buying a home and if the seller isn’t prepared, this can kill the transaction.

A home inspection in TN is performed by a licensed home inspector or can be done by a contractor or anyone who is licensed in the area they are inspecting. Once the results of the buyer’s home inspection for buying a home in Germantown is delivered to the buyer, he or she can either terminate the contract based upon the inspection findings or request repairs be made by the seller.  This is where the stress can build for a home seller.

When you are preparing to sell your Germantown home, I always suggest to my clients to have an inspection done on the home BEFORE placing it on the market.  If there are repairs that need done, you as the homeowner need to know about it now and have the repairs completed in order to receive top dollar when selling your Germantown home.  (And who doesn’t want to receive to dollar?). Some of the usual items that show up consistently on home inspections are rotting wood, dirty condensers and furnaces, and leaking water heaters. Having these items repaired BEFORE placing a home for sale will give a buyer more confidence to purchase a pre inspected home than not.

For the Germantown homeowner, having the repairs completed before placing the home on the market lessens the stress as you are not under a time frame as you will be once under contract and sometimes will even allow you to make the repairs yourself if qualified.  Once under contract to purchase your Germantown home and the deficiencies are discovered by the buyer, he/she may want them repaired by a licensed professional which will cost more money.

When you get ready to sell your Germantown home, make sure you hire a Germantown real estate professional to guide you through the process from pricing to closing.  Having your home marketed as a pre inspected home will increase your chances of a quick sale at top dollar.

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Memphis area housing inventory down down 13% from 2012 – what does that mean for my Germantown home?

Memphis area housing inventory down down 13% from 2012 – what does that mean for my Germantown home?

In July 2012, there were 7615 homes for sale in the Memphis area. The June 2014 report shows 6644 homes for sale. If you look at Germantown home sales, they are up 18.8% and the median sales price for Germantown homes is up 1.8% to $279,900 for June 2014. If you are a home seller in Germantown, this is great news. Inventory is low but the number of homes sold is higher than this time last year. This creates a supply and demand problem which benefits Germantown home sellers. Although there is not a large increase in sales price, the homeowners who were on the market in the last two years and couldn’t sell might find a great opportunity exists right now to sell your Germantown home. Although prices overall in Germantown have not increased, individual neighborhoods and homes with sought after amenities in Germantown do receive multiple offers within the first days on the market. For example, today there are only 12, 4 bedroom homes with a pool priced at $300,000 and less in Germantown.  Buyers looking for a home in Germantown with a pool don’t have a lot of options so this may drive prices up a bit for the best looking homes.  If you are looking for the $1,000,000 homes in Germantown your list is limited to twelve homes. Germantown home sellers can take advantage of this low inventory as well as affordable interest rates to get their home sold now to make that move they may have been putting off.

If you think you have heard this story before about low inventory, watch this video while Suzanne White with Keller Williams takes you for a look inside the Memphis Area Multiple Listing Service to see the real data of how many homes are for sale in Germantown.




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Selling your Germantown home – Where do you start?

When you decide to sell your Germantown home, or any home, one of the first things that a homeowner needs to do is gather all the information you know about your home.  When you know the age of the roof, when the air conditioner was last serviced, or who built the addition on your home, this information can add to the value of your Germantown home. 

With Germantown home values decreasing 16.3%  from 2013 to 2014, Germantown home owners need to do what needs to be done to get the highest possible home selling price.  EasyKeep Binder systems is a great way to keep this information in one spot.  Whenever a repair, update, renovation is completed in your Germantown home, add this information to the Binder with the pre designed pages.  This binder will then stay with the home.  Wouldn’t you love having this system with the next home that you purchase, whether is it a Germantown home or any other location.  Knowing the history of a home can make a real difference in the marketing and pricing of your home.  Neglected maintenance can reduce a home’s value by as much as $20,000.  For more information about the EasyKeep Binder system, contact Suzanne at 901-508-4887 or email me at

When you are ready to sell your Germantown home, not only do you need to know the history of the home but you also need to partner with an experienced Germantown real estate agent.  Suzanne White sells homes for more money and in a faster time than the average agent in the Memphis area.

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Germantown Summer Camp 2014

The 2014 Memphis Grizzlies Summer Basketball Camps are back for their best season ever! Join us at one the camp sessions that will offer expert instruction, fantastic giveaways and NBA excitement. (Hurry….many sessions will sell out quickly)Register

Clinics – Join the National Basketball Academy and the Memphis Grizzlies for one of the nation’s premier basketball clinic programs offered right here in Memphis. Our expert coaches will help you take your game to the next level. You’ll also experience all the fun and excitement of NBA basketball via various giveaways, contests and special surprises!


Training – We are the best basketball training company in the United States because we teach players how to be successful both on and off the court. We get to know our players so their training program can be tailored to help them improve in all areas of the game. Register
Germantown Athletic Club banner

Bits, Bytes and Bots

Summer Camps

For more information on Bits, Bytes and Bots summer camps contact David

Hirschfeld at 685.6701 or Children should bring a snack

and drink daily. Registration deadline is the Wednesday before each camp begins. Space is

limited. Registration Form

Summer Camps are a great way for the kids to get out  of the house when you are trying to sell your Germantown home.  Clutter free and clean homes sell quicker and for more money so make selling Germantown home a win-win.  Keep it neat and tidy without having the kids sacrifice their summer free time.  When you are ready to sell your Germantown home and want to know the latest Germantown home values, Call Suzanne White, your Germantown real estate specialist, or check Germantown home values here.

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Germantown home selling specialist Suzanne White announced as the Germantown Real Estate Specialist

:Suzanne White, a Local Real Estate Professional in Germantown,
TN, Specializing in Germantown real estate, Suzanne White is offering real
estate services for Germantown home buyers and home sellers.
:Suzanne White practices Real Estate in the City of Germantown, TN.  She specializes in a unique marketing plan for Germantown home owners which is beneficial for Germantown residents selling a home. Suzanne decided to specialize in Germantown to help Germantown homeowners with their home selling needs.
Mrs. White has worked diligently to become a specialist in the field of selling homes in Germantown using her unique marketing knowledge for Germantown home owners.
Germantown home selling specialist Suzanne White has taken the following training and has received the following certifications in thisfield: Certified Residential Specialist, e-Pro, and Memphis Leadership.
 Mrs. White has chosen to specialize in selling homes in Germantown so that she can continuously be immersed in the Germantown real estate community. Keeping her eye focused on the Germantown home values allows her to gain a true understanding of Germantown real estate market values, and the needs of Germantown home owners who are selling a home in Germantown. Although Germantown home selling specialist Suzanne White does practice general real estate throughout the Memphis area as well, she has chosen serve Germantown home sellers as her major field of choice and has committed to keeping herself informed of changes to the Germantown real estate market.
 “I have chosen to specialize in helping Germantown home sellers as I have shopped and worked in this area for many years. I have a passion for helping Germantown home owners get top dollar for their homes and want to help them in all of their Germantown real estate transactions.”, Says Suzanne White, Germantown home selling
As a home seller in Germantown, Suzanne’s success means more money in your pocket.  Suzanne sells homes on average 28 days faster than the average for other agents.
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